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CFMS is your headache-free DID sales, management and control in a turnkey system.

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SuperTec has been offering VOIP Services and developed a VOIP Phone Service Solution.

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IP-Pabx, the complete Internet Powered Telephone Exchange.


Free Services

Groovy Tel

Groovy Tel is offering free USA landline phone numbers. When someone places a call to your number, it is transferred to your Messenger Service of choice: Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Free World Dialup or Gizmo.


Are you a IP-Star customer? Have a UK number redirected to your IP-Star number without any cost to you, which enable people to call you from anywhere in UK by dialing a UK +44-870 or +44-871 number.


Tvpakistan is the online video sharing website and to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience.

visa management system

A travel experience begins with a visa application when traveling to a specified country.




P-Pabx, the complete Internet Powered Telephone Exchange / PBX located on our reliable and fast Internet network. Expand your internal business calling system over the globe, using Internet as your backbone.

Phone 2 Net

Phone2Net offers Sip Trunking / DID number services over SIP, H323 and IAX2.It also terminates calls to Instant Messaging Software like Google, MSN, and Gizmo Project.


SuperIVR offers hosted voice IVR/ information service with the call capacity you need, without you installing hardware or software at your premises.


virtual phone line

Virtual Phone Line works over regular phone line service, because the long-distance costs have reduced over time. It is also possible for a Virtual Phone Line to be set to ring to a SIP, IAX2 or IP address .

Super Phone

Super Phone also gives you a SIP and IAX2 account for using with any SIP ata or softphone.

Super Fax

Super Fax is a Fax 2 email service, that allows you to own a fax number, without a fax machine. The Sender will send you a fax via his Fax machine and you will end up getting the fax in your email, no matter where in the world you are.

Super Phone Direct

Super Phone Direct allows you to make Unlimited Calls from any of the numbers below, to anywhere in the world at our low per Min Charges.You do not have to enter any PIN Code's, as your caller ID is used as your identification..



Sign Up Now and get a number from Pakistan and start receiving calls on your any of your instant messengers like GTalk, Yahoo,MSN And AIM.The cost for talking UNLIMITED from Pakistan is Just $10 a month for US number on your mobile.

Nigeria TEL offers a Nigerian Local Number on your local or Cellular number anywhere in the United States and Canada.You can talk UNLIMITED - As much as you want, from Nigeria to anywhere in US or Canada.If you are in Timbuktu, You can call your party in the US or Canada for FREE as much as you want, whenever you want..



DIDX (DIDXchange) is where Internet protocol communications companies buy and sell DID (Direct Inward Dialing) phone numbers.


CarrierX offer's you a complete management tool, to manage your termination business, with FREE LCR, Codec Conversion, Potocol Conversion, Instant CDR Stored for upto 5 years online

CRM Solution

School Management System

School Management System provides your School a Complete Solution to Manage your school.

Health Management System

Patients can keep their medical history stored securely online and retrieve as and when needed anywhere in the world especially during traveling emergencies