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CFMS is your headache-free DID sales, management and control in a turnkey system.

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SuperTec has been offering VOIP Services and developed a VOIP Phone Service Solution.

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IP-Pabx, the complete Internet Powered Telephone Exchange.


Super Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 in Delaware, USA. It has since been providing VOIP related services. In 1999, Super Technologies, Inc. was the world’s first company to provide a DID service on an IP Phone device and was reviewed by Internet Telephony Magazine in 2000. It was awarded best product of the year in 2000 based on its ability to point a DID number to an IP device.

In 2001 Super Technologies, Inc. again won Best of Show award in the Spring Internet World Expo in Los Angeles for the same technology. At that time, it retailed under the brand name Virtual Phone Line.

In 2002 Vonage was formed. Super Technologies, Inc. became one of the first wholesale partners with Vonage.

In 2004, Super Technologies, Inc. developed its own asterisk-based billing platform and needed the DID numbers for provisioning our end-users. We found a need for a clearinghouse that could provide the DID numbers easily and efficiently. We could not find it. We created the exciting DIDX (DIDXchange).

DIDX now has patent on the DID number exchange service for all of different software and processes of the DIDX network.

In 2007 March we have released the CFMS or Call forwarding and management system that allows companies to start services like or

In 2007, Super Technologies, Inc. launched and re-launched

Super Technologies has received multiple nominations and awards related to the telecommunications field since 1999. These include Internet World 2001 Best of the Show award, Editor’s Choice Award by TMC Internet Telephony Magazine, Pasha Best Telecommunication Product Award, APICTA 2006 Nomination, World Communication Awards 2006 Nomination, Digium Service Provider Innovators Award 2007, and VONMAG Innovators Award 2008.