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CFMS is your headache-free DID sales, management and control in a turnkey system.

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SuperTec has been offering VOIP Services and developed a VOIP Phone Service Solution.

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IP-Pabx, the complete Internet Powered Telephone Exchange.


Broadband Phone Service – Example Vonage*

SuperTec has been offering VOIP Services since 1999 and has developed a VOIP Phone Service Solution over the years for it’s internal use, which are now offering to enterprenures, CLEC’s and Communities to offer VOIP Phone services in an instant., which are now offering to enterprenures, CLEC’s and Communities to offer VOIP Phone services in an instant.



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Who is it for ?
» VOIP Service Providers
» Telecom Companies
» Communities

What do we provide?
SuperTec Provides end to end solution including the items below.
» Soft switch

» Billing Engine

» Provisioning System

» Customer Signup

» Customer Self Management Portal

» Administrative Portal

» Reseller Portal



» API’s for Integration in your exisiting Systems.

» IM Integration

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Features that you can offer are:

» Virtual Numbers

» Multiple Lines in 1 account

» Call Waiting

» Caller ID Management

» Missed Call Alerts

» Online Call Logs

» Voice Mail

» 911 (powered by

» IM Integration – Make and receive calls from IM

» Online Payments with Paypal, Google Checkout, Credit Card

» Balance announcement at time of call.

» Switching of Call Plans

» LNP – Local Number Portability

» Call Forwarding

» TFTP – Device Configuration

» Serice Interruption Forwarding


System Features:

  • » Setup your own tariffs for your customers
  • » Easy tariff calculation changes simply by setting cost increase, % profit.
  • » Unlimited Calling plans.
  • » Set default tariff for new customers that sign up.
  • » Simple transfer of credits to re-sellers.
  • » Easy integration with online merchant account including linkpoint central.
  • » Integration with Google Checkout.
  • » Integration with Paypal.
  • » Instant Reporting.
  • » Annual Reports
  • » Monthly Reports
  • » Fast refilling of your account which is automatically processed by our system
  • » Completely white label with your own branding.
  • Click here to view the video demo of the System Features

End user Portal
Client Also gets complete manageability for his account online. Some of the things that the client can do are.

  • » Manage their account
  • » View Call Logs
  • » Pay Bills
  • » Change Plans
  • » Pay via Paypal
  • » Pay via 2checkout
  • » Pay via Credit Card
  • » Change Billing Info
  • » Change Customers Information
  • » Change Product features
  • » Adds features and numbers to account
  • » Call Forwarding
  • » Caller ID Changing
  • » Caller ID Blocking
  • » Add Virtual Numbers
  • » Contact Customer Service
  • and much much more…

Please note that HVOIP Is currently available to selected existing customers only of any of our existing products.


Please contact your SuperTec Customer representative to schedule a tour or to setup an account where we want you satisfied within 90 days or your money back.


* Vonage is registered trademark of vonage holdings.